be present with authority

As a manager, partner or director, you operate in plain sight. Everything you do and say is noticed and observed as a meaningful communication. Yet, sometimes it makes you feel uncomfortable.

If a position of authority is new to you, or if you are now dealing with figures of authority more closely than you used to, your own style and ways of doing things may become compromised.

Together we explore:

  • how you personally present yourself
  • the kind of authority expected from you and how it fits in with your preferences and the playing field in the organisation
  • your way to occupy the space – with your voice, your stance, your text

We combine theatre techniques with an understanding of business. The team at your disposal includes an organization expert, a voice specialist and professional actors.

Contact: Marijke van Oosterzee en Gerard van Reekum

Following an introductory meeting, we draw up a programme based on your personal wishes. This work generally requires six to eight sessions.