screen your role

It happens that you are not feeling totally comfortable in your role. Sometimes you act out ineffectual behaviour and cannot explain exactly why: you freeze, get hostile, become careless, or malfunction any other way. This may be your individual thing, yet at the same time it may have to do with the context for your role. You cannot always be aware of these influences. Therefore it may be a good idea to explore your role with us.

Topics in this work are:

  • images of the current situation in and around your workplace
  • your experience in previous roles
  • the past of your present role
  • your personal way of getting into and staying in role.

Via one-on-one sessions or an InCompany route you become more aware of what’s going on in the organization as a whole. You will be more in touch with your role and get a better grip on yourself. Even minor shifts in your behaviour may enable crucial change and transformation.

Generally, this work takes six to ten sessions.

Contact: Marijke van Oosterzee en Gerard van Reekum