prepare a career step

Under this heading there are two kinds of activities:

• Networking and Applying for Executive Positions

To be selected for an executive position, you want to highlight your expertise, experience and personal style and show how these relate to the situation of your interviewers. You are probably familiar with the material, but establishing real contact can only happen in the moment. Not an easy task, especially when so much depends on the interview.

We help you discover how to conduct yourself with confidence throughout the interview. Via one-on-one sessions or an InCompany route, we work towards casting yourself – right from the start, all the way through – in the role that you aspire to. Generally, this takes three to five sessions, one of which you work with a professional actor.

Contact: Marijke van Oosterzee

• Management Development

Via an MD route, selected high potentials prepare for a future role of manager, partner or director. Up to now, expertise has been their source of authority; at this level a mere commodity. Now personal style and linking a personal vision to the current reality of the organization become more important.

We work in small groups (six to eight sessions) within the framework of InCompany routes. Recurring programme components include:

  • level with ease, regardless the formal status of one’s discussion partner
  • present a vision clearly, linked to one’s own beliefs
  • move from being a specialist towards the role of leader with authority
  • be visible and appropriately immodest
  • take control, present issues and ask questions, at all times

Contact: Marijke van Oosterzee en Gerard van Reekum